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 Preach the word; be instant in season, out of season

Since answering the call to preach at 22, Cecil has championed the authentic, significant and theologically-grounded proclamation of God’s word. God has given him the opportunity to preach across the nation, and creatively declare the Lord’s promises to varying audiences in an effective manner. 

As an ordained minister, Cecil has been found a unique gift with working with engaged couples throughout the country. His expertise has been in leading premarital Christian counseling and preparing customized Christian marriage ceremonies.


If you would like to invite Cecil to minister or speak to Cecil about premarital counseling and serving as an officiant click the request link below. 

Liana & Darryl

"Working with Cecil was truly one of the highlights of our wedding planning experience! His candor, thoughtfulness, and excitement during our premarital counseling sessions created an atmosphere that allowed for great conversations. His words during the ceremony set the tone perfectly for our day, and a number of people commented on how much they enjoyed listening to him. From beginning to end, Cecil has been a joy to work with and made our perfect day that much better! We could not have asked for more."

Claire & Andrew

“Choosing Cecil to be our marriage counselor and wedding officiant was an easy decision. Cecil has seen many different facets of our relationship as a friend and utilized his observations as a professional to help enhance our interactions during premarital counseling. He had an uncanny but intriguing way of creating an open dialogue and safe space for us to break down barriers which made us stronger as a unit. Cecil’s humor, dynamic personality and spiritual presence set up the perfect atmosphere on our wedding day. It was a pleasure working with Cecil and would recommend him to any couple!”

Alexandra & Jeremy

“Working with Drew (Cecil to others), was one of the most enlightening experiences we’ve had. Drew is laid back, but he is very knowledgeable. He doesn’t force feed you the Bible, instead he teaches you to allow the Bible to be a guide to your marriage, and not the “Law”. He made it comfortable for us to discuss important topics prior to our marriage by allowing us to dig into things we probably wouldn’t have discussed on our own. He allowed a warm space for us to talk about any issues we had and how we can solve them together. During the ceremony, he was very warm and welcoming, down to earth, and made us all laugh at times too. He made the entire experience pleasant and worthwhile, and we are truly grateful for having the opportunity to have him as our officiant.”

Gregory & Leslie

“Having Cecil officiate our wedding was an AMAZING experience. We met with him to discuss our visions, our hopes, and our dreams for each other. He provided helpful tools and worksheets that were beneficial to starting the first day of forever off the right way. He really took the time to get to know us as a couple which was very evident during our wedding. He integrated anecdotes about  us individually and collectively and stay true to our vision for a fun, lighthearted ceremony mixed with spiritual guidance and pastoral wisdom.”

Kamali & Alex

“Cecil has been been blessing to our relationship from the very beginning. Since 2011, he has witnessed us grow as individuals and a couple. Many decisions have to be debated or discussed during wedding planning, but who would marry us was never a topic on that list — Cecil was the only option. Although our ceremony was not in a church, the spirit of the Lord was present and much of that was due to Cecil. The powerful, heartfelt and humorous prayers and proclamations shared by Cecil moved everyone to tears and set the tone for a beautiful evening and most importantly, a long and loving marriage. It was truly an honor to have him as our officiant.”

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